Kay D Little in her studio at Morgan Block, Fairhaven

I attended the San Francisco Art Institute in the 70's taking my first semester of the Masters Program in New York.  During this time, as part of the San Francisco Visionary School of Painting, I exhibited my large geometric paintings at the Quay Gallery in San Francisco and at the Sacramento Art Museum.  The City of San Francisco and private individuals purchased my paintings.  Because of personal circumstances my work was put on hold for several years.  I returned to art full time in the mid eighties, again working on my geometric images but also working as a scenic artist for the Eastside Repertory Theater in Portland, Oregon.  My husband and I also created Arts and Letters, a company that specialized in exhibits and murals for the public and private sectors.  Also during this time I designed and painted canvas floor cloths for many northwest interior designers and galleries.

I have again returned to what I call my innerscapes.  My images are abstracted or simplified, allowing for a reference to an object rather than the actual representation of an object.  Hinting at a form rather than literally painting the form allows the viewer his or her own interpretation of the the image.  I use color, form and perspective  to create a world of insinuation and contradiction.  Distortion of perspective keeps the viewer's eye searching to understand the form.  Field and figure are not always in their expected place. Sometimes whimsical features create surprise and contradictions.